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Unemployment: Young Nigerians Have Lost Hope In White Collar Jobs- NBS

Ololade Omosan-Agie

As frustrations of unemployment intensifies, the National Bureau of Statistics has said that most Nigerian youths want to venture into trade or become business persons.

The NBS revealed this in its Covid-19 Impact Monitoring for April dated August 24.

According to the Bureau, 22 per cent of the respondents who were youths said their dream jobs was either to become a trader or a businessperson.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate according to the NBS in March was 33.3 per cent which translates to 23 million unemployed people in Africa’s most populous country.

“When asked what their dream job is, the most commonly reported was Trader or businessperson (22 per cent),” said NBS.

NBS said other common dream jobs reported were doctor, engineer, and tailor.

But the report revealed that there are some differences across gender of youths.

The Bureau said 14 per cent of young males aspire to be engineers, only 1 per cent of young females dream to be engineers.

The official report said 11 per cent of young females aspire to become nurses, while virtually none of the young males consider nursing as their dream job.

The NBS said 15 per cent of the youths in the richest quartile dream of becoming engineers, while only one per cent of those in the poorest quartile dream of this profession.

But 11 per cent of the youths in the poorest quartile aspire to become soldiers, compared to virtually 0 per cent of the youth in the richest quartile.

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