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Nigeria To Showcase Agric Food Products At 2022 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, Says Trade Commissioner, Ahmed

The 2022 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition will take place in Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center from 5th to 8th August, 2022. This exhibition also serves as a booster to the culinary industry’s recovery.

The Nigeria Trade Office in Taiwan (NTO), Taiwan city governments, embassies, and foreign trade offices in Taiwan will actively participate in this exhibition, showcasing a thorough presentation of Taiwanese and international food products to Taiwanese and international buyers. The office is participating at the exhibition to promote Nigerian cuisine, culture, and tourism to encourage Taiwanese to visit Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Trade Commissioner, Ibrahim Ahmed, said the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition will play a major role to showcase a style that combines Taiwanese and international cuisine, culture, and lifestyles, and has arranged areas such as Taiwanese culinary exploration and international exotic food. This exhibition will also provide a refreshing Taiwanese cuisine experience for visitors by satisfying their sense of vision, taste, and smell.

He said the Nigerian cuisine is becoming more internationally and well-known in Taiwan. More and more Taiwanese people are becoming curious about Nigerian food.

Ahmed said a variety of high-quality Nigerian agricultural food products will be on display in this exhibition, such as cocoa, cashew nuts, beans flour, gently dried mango, fruit & nut mix, sesame, tigernut powder, moringa tea, cassava, cassava chips, hot sauce, spices (ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric, chili) and so on, along with high-quality promotional materials like EDM, banners, investment guides, and product guidebooks with the aim of raising awareness of Nigeria and creating business opportunities.

Additionally, he said the Nigeria Trade Office in Taiwan (NTO) will prepare the most well-known and traditional Nigerian cuisines, such as Jollof Rice, Moi Moi, Akara, and Chin Chin, for the visitors to taste at the exhibition.

The 2022 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition has organized activities both entertaining and informative to bring out the essence of Taiwanese and international food culture. Furthermore, it is an effective approach to promote to visitors the Nigerian agricultural products, culture, as well as Nigerian cuisine.

In conclusion, he urges people to participate in the 2022 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition. This exhibition provides a fantastic platform for developing international culinary relationships between two nations and raising awareness of Nigerian cuisines and high-quality agricultural products. Likewise, this exhibition lures Taiwanese and international visitors to taste the hand-crafted foods of Nigeria in our booth, such as Jollof Rice, Moi Moi, Akara, and Chin Chin, and to spread their experience through word-of-mouth in Taiwan.

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