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2023 Election: Its Unfair Not To Zone Presidency To The South–Clark

The leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum, Edwin Clark, has insisted that the next Nigerian president must be from the South-East extraction.

He claimed that southerners are treated as second-class citizens in the country, noting there may be no Nigeria without zoning in 2023.

He said this while speaking during an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday.

According to him, there is a monopoly of leadership by the North.

He said, “My idea of zoning the Presidency to the South-East is well-known. No Nigerian will like to live in a country where certain people believe that they have the only right to lead.

“The APC believes the 12 million votes by President Muhammadu Buhari might be eroded if it is zoned to the South. The PDP is also considering zoning to the North. This is unfair.

“Nigeria stood on three legs, and it has never been steady since one of the legs was destroyed during the Civil War. If zoning which will heal the wounds is not done, there will be no Nigeria. Nobody will remain in this country as a second class citizen.

“The North believes their population can be used to oppress other Nigerians. This is not acceptable. The era of that has gone. There are many good Northerners but the Fulani-oriented ones want to dominate everywhere.”

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