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Harsh Economy Taking Toll On Nigerians, TUC Tells FG

Ebuka Daniel

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has cautioned the Federal Government against the nation’s increasing indebtedness.

According to the union, the wealth of the nation is being transferred to other nations through borrowing.

The union stated its opposition in a recent Sallah message jointly signed by its president, Quadri Olaleye and the secretary-general, Musa-Lawal Ozigi.

The message read in part, “The impoverished masses of the country are going through an excruciating experience presently and it behooves the wealthy and the privileged Nigerians to empathise with the needy.

“Painfully and regrettably the order of the day has been a flagrant transfer of our commonwealth and loans to foreign banks rather than making it useful for the nation where it is needed.

“This is the time for the leadership at all levels to have a rethink and redraw a workable roadmap capable of transforming the economy of the country.

“The plight of Nigerians under this administration falls below expectation. We say no to more loans. It has to stop.”

To achieve this, the youths have to be gainfully engaged, not as political thugs. An army of idle youths portends great danger for any society.

“The harsh economy is taking tolls on a large number of Nigerians and out of frustration many, especially the youths are doing untoward things just to make ends meet.”

The union said it expected the Sallah celebration to humble every Muslim in particular and Nigerians in general in their service to God, and to humanity.

“We would like to also use this opportunity to call on the leadership of the country to bear it in mind that the country is in a dire strait and we can only overcome if they (leaders) lead a selfless and exemplary life.

“While we celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters, we must be committed to sharing and caring for one another as Allah has directed.”

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