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Air Peace apologises to passengers over flight delays

Ololade Omosan-Agie

Air Peace has apologised to passengers over recent flight delays, saying that it will never compromise on safety no matter the situation.

A statement by the airline said no operator benefits from flight delays or cancellations but that such delays emanate from safety considerations more than anything else and added that it has reached out to many passengers whose flights were delayed in recent times to apologise.

The airline said that the recent case of a dissatisfied passenger which went viral on social media was due to weather and the sudden breakdown of aircraft on Sokoto, Akure, Ibadan and Kano routes. While stressing that it will never endanger lives by operating a faulty aircraft, the airline exonerated the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), saying the Authority is alive to its duties but airlines only observe best safety practices.

The statement read: ‘Our attention has been drawn to a publication in the social media in which a dissatisfied customer whose flight was delayed, amongst many other uncomplimentary remarks labelled Air Peace a “vicious operator”.

‘We wish to firstly apologise, once again, to all our passengers, including this particular passenger, who may have experienced flight delays on the day in question and, indeed at every other time of our operations for any inconvenience they may have incurred as a result. We feel their pains when such occasions occur.

‘Air Peace, as a responsible business concern, and in line with business ethics, would normally reach out to dissatisfied customers at any given time to placate them irrespective of whether we are at fault or not. This, we have done. The customer, we believe, is king. Such gestures are never an admission of any wrongdoing but a recognition that one’s customers need to be happy. It is never done out of fear.

‘No airline under the sun benefits from flight delays or cancellations. Flight delays emanate principally from safety considerations more than anything else. We wish to reiterate our resolve to zero tolerance to unsafe operations. Air Peace will never succumb to deliberate negative commentaries, intimidation or blackmail, to fly when it is unsafe to do so and neither shall we, out of fear of negative publicity from anyone or quarter, take to the skies in order to look good when it is absolutely unsafe to do so.

‘Flights are delayed as a result of many factors beyond the control of the airline and this includes but not limited to bad weather, sudden aircraft malfunctioning, etc. On the day in question, we had bad weather that led to the diversion of flights and sudden aircraft breakdown during and in the middle of operations. We had flight delays in Sokoto, Akure, Ibadan and Kano occasioned by bad weather. These factors led to multiple delays and outright cancellations never wished by the Airline. It happens all over the world.

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