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We Can’t Attract Investors If You Don’t Behave Yourselves, Buhari Tells Youths

Ebuka Daniel

No foreign investor will come into Nigeria if the youths continue to cause crisis in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Buhari said this on Thursday during an interview on Arise TV.

The President said that with the current level of insecurity in the country, many investors would not come into the Nigeria.

He said based on constitutional provisions, the Federal Executive Council is composed of representatives from each state.

The President explained that after the recent #EndSARS protest which led to destruction of lifes and properties, he mandated members of his cabinet to go back to their respective states to meet with governors, traditional rulers and the youth.

Buhari said that he mandated members of his cabinet to tell the governors and the traditional rulers to call the youths to order because without the much needed investments, there would not be employment for them.

He said that without being employed, some of these youths will have go to the grave with their certificates.

He said, “Well this question (on foreign direct investment) was answered during the EndSARS, when the people who wanted to march in here and remove me.

“And my answer to that, I called the members of the Executive council, because in the constitution, there must be a member of executive council from each state.

“So I called them on a wednesday and told each one to go to his state and speak to governors, traditional rulers, business people , and tell them that the Federal government does not have any vacancy.

“Go to the state governments now, and tell them to give you job, they will say it is full, no vacancy. The same thing with the local government.

“Some people may even die without getting a job, because nobody will invest in an unsecured environment.

“So I told them to tell the youths that if they want jobs, they should behave themselves.

“Make sure nigeria is secured, so that people can come and invest. Nigeria is a blessed country, God has endowed us but nobody will come and invest.”

Nigeria’s investment inflow for 2020 fell 59.65 per cent to $9.7bn due to the impact of the Covid- 19 pandemic.


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