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Free Kanu by initiating a process of genuine reconciliation, group tells Buhari

A socio-political group, Anya-Ndi-Igbo, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to initiate a process of genuine reconciliation and constructive engagement not only with Nnamdi Kanu and his group, Independent People of Biafra, but also with all other aggrieved groups across the length and breadth of the country.

The group in a statement on Wednesday, said the President should shun individuals and groups nudging him to sustain conflict and antagonism, adding that the judgement of the Court of Appeal has given an opportunity for him to prove that he is on the side of peace by releasing Kanu.

The statement read, “The progress being made towards building a united and great country based on the rule of law, mutual understanding and trust, has received a special boost from the October 13, 2022 judgement of the Court of Appeal, which discharged and acquitted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of charges of terrorism.

“We call upon the Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to seize this propitious opportunity to initiate a process of genuine reconciliation, constructive engagement, mutual trust and harmony, not only with Nnamdi Kanu and his group but also with all other aggrieved groups across the length and breadth of our dear country.

“Once more, history has placed the President in a conspicuous position to show statesmanship and we trust he will not disappoint Nigerians and, indeed, the international community.

“The President must disregard any individual or group, nudging him to sustain the momentum of antagonism and avoidable conflict.

“The only explanation for such negative pressure is that such people are merchandising on widespread conflict and the misery which insecurity inflicts on the citizenry. What Nigerians need now is cooperative healing and mutually healthy association, not a show of official brutality and derision of the people.”

The group also hailed the Court of Appeal for their judgement, saying it was a flicker of hope for Nigerians ata a time like this in the country.

“Coming at a time when people from all corners of the country are aglow with the consciousness to work together towards a New Nigeria, this show of confidence, courage and unalloyed sense of duty by the Judges of the Court of Appeal has further raised the hope that Nigeria is set to march to its position, as a respectable and reliable member of the international community.

“We salute the judiciary which has lived up to its billing as the last hope of the common man in this case; which had attracted the interest of the United Nations.

“We urge the judiciary to remain steadfast in carrying out its sacred duty of dispensing justice without fear or favour. Nigerians are excited to look forward to a new judiciary which commands their confidence by always ensuring that justice is not only done, but obviously seen to be done.

“The ruling of the Appeal Court also offers a costly opportunity for our security services and law enforcement agencies to rethink the notion that their calling is to support a system of brutal force, rather than one of rule of law and justice.

“Indeed, it needs noting that the use of brute force by security services and law enforcement agencies is interpreted by ordinary citizens as official endorsement of the notion that might is right, and activates the criminally oriented members of the society, thereby democratising criminality towards anarchy,” the statement added.

The group further advised the FG to do attend to other crises facing the country with same approach of constructive engagement.

“To reiterate, we request and advise the Federal Government to seize this defining moment to start charting a robust trajectory of national unity, cohesion and mutual trust by responding positively and constructively to the ruling of the Court of Appeal, which discharged and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu.

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