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Nigeria, Taiwan To Strengthen Food Industry

Taiwan-Africa Business Association (TABA) and Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd.cohosted the Taiwan Food Machinery Expansion fair at conference hall of Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd. at on 28th July, 2022.

The fair was attended by high level Taiwanese government officials, international trade offices, embassies, and ten of Taiwan’s leading food machinery companies. The purpose of the event was to aid Taiwan’s leading food machinery manufacturers in expanding their market to Africa and Nigeria.

The event had a variety of sections, including presentation by government officials, foreign trade offices, embassies and chambers of commerce, introduction of products by ten food machinery enterprises, factory tour, and partition discussion. To increase awareness of Nigeria and encourage Taiwanese food machinery manufacturers to do business with Nigeria, the Nigeria Trade Office (NTO) showcased high-quality promotional materials, including agricultural food products of EDM, investment guides, and product guidebooks at the event.

Ibrahim A. Ahmed, Trade Commissioner of the Nigeria Trade Office, mentioned in his speech that Nigeria’s potential for food industry is huge and untapped. The country’s large consumer market and huge population creates a real demand for food machinery and food processing. This demand also creates good opportunities for investments and businesses for Taiwanese entrepreneurs.

Nigeria, the world’s largest producer of many agricultural commodities, including cassava and yam, needs Taiwanese food machinery, such as automated machinery and effective food packaging techniques, to enhance its production or processing. Therefore, cassava, cocoa, sesame production and processing offer one of significant investment potential for Taiwanese enterprises.

The Trade Commissioner also emphasized that there is a tremendous opportunity for Taiwanese entrepreneurs who are interested in food processing and machinery in Nigeria.

He expects that this year will witness an expansion in economic partnerships between Taiwan and Nigeria in the field of food machinery, as well as an increase in Nigerians’ knowledge of Taiwanese food machinery technology and a development of innovative food packaging facilities in Nigeria.

The food industry in Nigeria will also be improved by Taiwanese enterprises, creating a win-win situation for the two nations. As a result, of Nigeria’s vast market demands, expanding the sale of food machinery or equipment for the food processing and packaging sector is a lucrative and profitable business.

More than 100 participants from the Taiwanese food machinery manufacturers attended the event, which also strengthened connections between Taiwan and Nigeria’s food industry.

The event was highly helpful for Taiwanese food enterprises aiming to enter expanding Nigerian markets as well as Nigerian enterprises looking to develop innovative food packaging facilities.

Participants expressed the hope that this type of event could continue to be organized in the future to offer more investment opportunities as well as in insight of the Nigerian food industry market.

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