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Nigeria Needs Robots, Drones To Boost Standard Of Living—NADDC Boss

When it comes to technology, the world is constantly in awe of its fast evolution, unlike the times of stones and heavy lifting during the stone age, man has been able to surpass his limits in regards to finding easier methods of communication, connection, development and awareness; be it personal, business or communal.

While the world evolves to its own tune(s), Asian nations have been able to somehow methodically, yet swiftly grow above their counterparts and allies in this regard, but for the sake of this writeup, we will be talking about South Korea and its momentous visit by Nigerian Delegates.

Jelani Aliyu, MFR, the Director General/CEO, National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), was part of the team that led the delegation.

The mission was to discuss with international peers as well as key private and governmental South Korean industry heads on the need for Advanced Technology for a New Nigerian Human Experience under the flag of the Nigeria- Korea Business Summit, held in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

At the summit , Mr. Aliyu emphasized on the beauty of man’s advancement from the rudimentary to the impossible, such as nanotechnology and robotics, concepts of fantasy now made possible beyond one’s imagination.

Beyond participating in the roundtable discussions, Aliyu formally addressed trending recurrent problems for help to be offered and left a heartfelt positive impression on all who attended by humbly acknowledging Nigeria’s challenges and sincerely calling for an understanding of the way forward.

Like any other growing country or nation, it is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, advance and be better in its own way, and that would only be made possible through strategic international partnerships, as well as focusing on effective avenues for learning, regardless of age, gender or position.

It is note worthy to say that despite the infamous rise of Artificial lntelligence and other forms of advanced technology, Mr. Aliyu recognized the need for human growth, fulfillment and happiness, as the basis for the relevance of any technology, be it online or offline, software solutions or actual physical systems.

Also Speaking at the event the, DG NADDC, mentioned that with transportation, Nigeria is looking at Vehicle Electrification, clean mobility that is good for the environment.

This would allow ubiquitous logistics to every nook and corner of Nigeria without negatively impacting the environment.

Aliyu discussed that the NADDC has encouraged and supported both local and multinational automotive companies to start producing EVs in Nigeria.

As a result of that, he said Hyundai Nigeria has started the assembly of the Hyundai Kona EV, Jet Systems Motors has deployed the Jet Systems Electric Van, and Max-e has developed an electric motorcycle that has been tested and proven in rural Nigeria.

He Highlighted that the agency has also developed 100% Solar Powered EV Charging Stations as pilots to prove that you can power e mobility completely off grid.

He stated “A majority of our people still live in rural areas, and that through decentralized development their lives can be enhanced right where they are so that there is no need for them to migrate to the cities. Actually, I believe there is need to introduce super advanced internet enabled technology to all our rural areas, drones for logistics and healthcare, 100% renewable energy mini grids, satellite connected educational network.”


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