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All Our Intervention Funds Are Achieving Desired Results—CBN

Oluwasina Phillip

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has urged the people of the South-East to embrace its intervention programmes to help them grow their businesses.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the CBN Fair in Enugu, the Ag Director, Cooperate Communications Department, Osita Nwanisiobi lamented the low participants of South East Consumers on its intervention programmes.

He said the apex bank was determined to continue to sensitize the public on all its policies and intervention programmes. Nwanisiobi encouraged the citizens of the South East region to leverage on CBN intervention programs and gave the assurances that CBN would continue to promote the financial and stability of the economic development of the Nation.

According to him, CBN was worried about the low impact of its intervention programmes in South East, which he said necessitated the fair is to sensitize the general public on its intervention and how they can leverage it because

“we notice there is a low participation in embracing the intervention in the South-East”.

“We are coming out so aggressively to talk to them because these interventions are real and people have to be able to grow their businesses through these interventions as well as those in agriculture who have used it also to grow their commodities.

“These interventions are there for people to take advantage of what Central Bank provides for them as we have about 37 interventions in CBN that people can leverage to grow their businesses.

“These interventions are unique on their own and their requirements are different.

“All our interventions are real and working perfectly as the CBN Governor is passionate about these interventions so you can come over and take advantage of these intervention programmes without knowing anybody,” Nwanisiobi explained.

He called on all stakeholders to join CBN in sensitizing the people of South East on the need for them to come to CBN and take advantage of the intervention programmes.

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