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Rwanda to Legalise Cannabis as Global Market Reaches US$150bn

The Rwandan government will issue licenses to producers, researchers and traders of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes, announced Tuesday evening RDB (Rwanda Development Board), the public body responsible for promoting exports in Rwanda.

This RDB announcement follows Monday’s cabinet decision approving regulatory guidelines on the production, processing and export of high-value therapeutic crops in Rwanda.

“Rwanda will begin to receive license applications from investors interested in cannabis,” although the consumption of cannabis in the country remains prohibited, RDB said in a statement.

“Medical cannabis produced in Rwanda is only intended for export markets,” the statement continued, adding that the government of Rwanda hopes to generate significant export income and employment opportunities in agriculture and agro-processing. high value industry.

In detail, operators will only be able to cultivate cannabis, market it and sell it to the hemp industry. According to the Minister of Health, Daniel Ngamije, Rwanda wants “to contribute to research centers and pharmaceutical industries to provide them with raw materials so that we earn money”.

The authorities made it clear that only authorized producers will be involved in the trade and that the consumption of cannabis remains banned locally. “It will not give room to those who abuse it. The law which punishes drug abuse is in place and it will continue to be applied as usual, ”the Minister of Health said on national television.

The cultivation of cannabis, hitherto prohibited, is now permitted under certain conditions. With this relaxation, Rwanda joins other African countries that have also opted for more favorable regulations for cannabis. Other nations involved include Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa or Uganda. Barclays Bank has revealed that the global cannabis market is worth $ 150 billion.

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