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Crude Oil Prices Fall Amid Uncertainties Over Stimulus Package

Oil prices dropped on Tuesday amid uncertainties surrounding a further stimulus in the US and ongoing tensions between Beijing and Washington. President Donald Trump announced a further tightening of restrictions on Huawei Monday as he seeks to limit the Chinese telecommunications giant’s access to commercially available chips from US companies. …

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US Hails Britain For Removing Huawei’s 5G Access

The United States hailed Britain’s decision Tuesday to order the phased removal of China’s Huawei telecoms giant from its 5G network, following months of pressure from Washington. The British ban, which came despite warnings of retaliation by Beijing, handed US President Donald Trump a victory. “The reported UK action reflects …

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Britain Set to Ban Huawei from 5G, though Timescale Unclear

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to ban Huawei from Britain’s 5G community in a landmark resolution that can anger Beijing. Johnson, however, win applause from President Donald Trump as the U.S. grapples with China’s rising financial and technological clout. The U.S. has pushed Johnson to reverse his January decision …

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