Ghanaian Policemen Harass Nigerian Businessman Over $1m Tax

A team of Ghanian Policemen have forcefully shut a large shop belonging to a Nigerian businessman in Accra, capital of Ghana.

The policemen, in a video obtained by PRNigeria, were observed, first threatening to close down the shop of the Nigerian, over the non-payment of $1 million, as tax to the Ghanian Government.

However, the Nigerian business merchant, while fiercely challenging the security men’s action, claimed that he has paid both his company tax, and all other necessary fees, even before registering his business.

The Nigerian businessman, who was obviously furious, challenged the policemen to provide evidence of non-payment of tax, by him.

He lambasted the Ghanian security personnel for treating Nigerians in their country so harshly, and cruelly. While videoing the incident himself, the Nigerian trader, further picketed the Policemen for treating their fellow Africans so unfairly.

He yelled: “I have been doing business in Ghana since 2007, and I have not defaulted in paying my tax. I have the necessary papers to back up my claim. You guys are only closing our shops because of the $1 million you ask us to pay. Where do you want us to get the $1 million”.

The security personnel were thereafter seeing closing the Nigerian businessman’s shop with padlock.


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