Coronavirus Cases in Africa Exceeds 2 million

Africa has just surpassed the 2 million mark for covid-19, according to new figures published by the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This announcement comes at a time when the world is facing an upsurge in coronavirus cases. Across the planet, there are 55 million infections with 1.3 million deaths and 35.7 million recoveries.

In Africa, the first confirmed case was reported in Egypt in February 2020. Six months later, one million positive cases were reported. Faced with this increase in cases, several African countries had announced strategies to end the disease for good. In addition to accelerating the process of screening populations, the African Union (AU) has implemented a strategy to enable countries on the continent to acquire future vaccines developed against the virus.

Today on the continent, there are 48,408 deaths and 1.7 million people who have recovered from coronavirus. With 847,992 cases, 22,139 deaths, and 776,809 recoveries, southern Africa has the highest number of infections.

North Africa has 656,514 cases with 17,459 deaths and 512,475 recoveries, East Africa reports 246,732 cases, 4,808 deaths and 167,634 recoveries, and West Africa reports 199,484 cases with 2,830 deaths and 187,314 recoveries. Central Africa closes the gap with 62,666 confirmed cases of coronavirus for 1,172 deaths and 59,266 recoveries.

The most affected country on the continent is South Africa, with more than 757,144 cases.

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